this is 15 years ago....

nice flow though....amazing beats and stuff. i might like this. WTF NIN?!?!....cloudy with a chance of meatwads!

Are you F-ing kidding me?!?!?!?

whoops. wrong way to go. NO. not afraid. just concerned. Dammit MTRez!(SLA-AP says the hand....hehe...) ah well...working on more art of these days....getting to the music is always where i would LOVE to be...look for some sure SOME SHIT will change...hehe...

feeling uneasy...

something weird is about to happen. wait for it. i'm not sure what it is....but i can feel it.


yes, i've been away, doing things unspeakable....I am still here....going into the depths of what is and will be. wait for it. wait for it. hehe....

(nerd pt1) aka - how to work your music

well. old parts die hard. at least in the computer world. so i finally got an old laptop up and running with Xubuntu to use for a drum machine(Hydrogen rocks!). after a little bit of fiddleing with it, i think im happy about the sound quality/performance of an old ass piece of shit that still works(YAY!). Here is to creating..


OK, i know it wasnt the most best-est of upgrade-e-mifies....but i did it, i switched my webhost machine. HOLYCRAPitsalltextbased!+...there is no "clickety-click" and i set it up in less than 4 hours...yah!(i think i just broke my arm trying to pat myself on the back! WHATEVER! new things/toys/stuff/uhhhh....hehe...errr...trying to fix what i may have broken... laterz.


Sometimes, it\'s like riding a bike. Other times, it feels like running into another damn wall! whatever, we learn from it the same though...right?!?!?


so, i finally figured out how to update my website...kinda like a blog and all...YAY! So out of curiosity i stuck one of my "Rumble Strips" (CD02) into my new machine to see if i could copy it down...for re-duplication purposes. FAIL! Yeah, i got it, but it was more like i put a tin can over the microphone to record it. wow, i never realised how much you miss your own shit...until you wipe...right?!?! FUCK! oh well...the chalk board is wiped clean(tried this once, let's see where it goes this time). Over. Out.


long time no real content on a website huh? well, kinda like the wind being let out of your sails, i lost ALL of my music, less maybe a few CD's here and there. they make great coasters/cup holders now. i lost alot of my will to create music the day that my hard drives died on my computer. there was a good bit of me that died with them. i still plug them in occasionally, hoping that in the off chance, maybe a miracle will happen and ill be able to copy some shit off of them. yes, i still dream.